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Dudley & Kiniya

Leadership Rules at CDK! By Kari McKinley

• 13 years ago • Blogs | Kiniya Blog

The heat has been turned up this past week, but it’s made our leadership teams even cooler! We’ve been pushing through and adventuring around camp and in the wilderness. Tuesday, all 13 Aides ventured across the lake to impress the Hike Hut staff at Dudley with our ropes course and teambuilding skills. The day proved to be both a challenge and a self-confidence builder for each individual and the group as a whole. Meals in Beckman Hall, cheers around the Dudley campus, and a trip to swim point (with a waterslide!) were all nice perks for Camp Dudley at Kiniya’s future Leaders.

Back on the Vermont side of the lake, the JL’s and AL’s worked hard to keep their gardens from becoming thirsty in the incredible heat. Veggies are growing the speed of some campers! While the Aides were away, the JL’s and AL’s held down the fort and kept the campers from hiding in the few coveted air-conditioned rooms around the CDK campus. Both groups were given a break from their everyday routine with days off in Burlington—a well deserved getaway!

On Thursday, the full-season Aides set out on a 3-day “experience.” Boats, bugs and bears were among our obstacles, but we overcame them all! Not only did they survive, they thrived. Each of the young ladies took on new challenges of leading trips in the woods and worked together to create a fun, enjoyable and safe environment to canoe and hike in. While laughter and ridiculous story telling were enjoyed, so were the moments of quiet reflection in the beautiful Green Mountains.

With the maturity and fun nature of the leadership teams, parents can rest assured that campers are in good hands here at Camp Dudley at Kiniya!

Leadership Rules at CDK

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