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Dudley & Kiniya

Man, oh, man, it is HOT!

• 13 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog

After several days of extreme heat, camper #12415 and Dudley maintenance worker Ben Sudduth had a great idea. A local fireman, Ben offered to bring a truck to our main campus to help cool everyone off.  After 4 days of 90+ degree temperatures, a little cold water seemed like a terrific idea.

With his arrival came 25 minutes of pure joy and relief. Boys came from all over campus to be sprayed by Suddsy and his truck. Hats went flying and campers went dancing in that watery respite, and there was even a rainbow. Thanks for the great idea, Ben, and for taking the time to provide a great relief for everyone at Camp. It was one of the most memorable events of the summer!

YOHA Indeed!

Fire Hose and Rainbow

A break from the heat

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