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Dudley & Kiniya

4th of July at Dudley

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I am still reeling from the excitement of the 4th of July at Dudley. The day started off with a bang (or forty!) with the usual parade of fire trucks, ambulances, antique cars and the Dudley Marching Band! Campers enjoyed getting sprayed with Indian pumps, catching candy, and painting leaders and then participating in the World’s largest game of Giants, Wizards and Elves on main campus. I got to introduce Ol’ Whiskers to the boys and Davo shared a little Westport history.

Matt and Ol' Whiskers!

Davo as Westport Historian

Our Chapel Speaker, #22100 Jean Vicks, who is the mother of #19100 Dwight Vicks shared with us her incredible message that “Life is a Gift.” The day ended with the 98th annual Garbage Bowl on main campus where the young guys won in penalty kicks, and the second spirited Hymn Sing of the 126th Season.

“Boy at night, how we hit the hay!” There are no truer words after a day like that…

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