Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Camp Spirit at Kiniya!

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It’s truly hard to believe that a week has already past since Opening Day, and what a fabulous week it has been on the shores of Lake Champlain!

Our girls have embraced every day with the spirit and energy we’ve grown to love here. The Dining Hall singing after meals is at its all-time greatest and every camper, leader and staff member is on their feet bellowing the response to the call of our Camp Cheer, “0-5446”!

Our program is in full swing and girls are being exposed to the wide variety of activities camp has to offer on a daily basis. The Wednesday Night show and Saturday Night Shows were a huge hit and our time together during Chapel and Hymn Sing on Sunday was a very special way to end our first week at Camp.

So far in our Outdoors Program we have sent two Senior Trips into the woods, two Canoe Trips and the first of our two Aides Experiences. Each Leadership rank has their own garden on the upper level and the Aides, JL’s and AL’s have thoroughly enjoyed their time together planting vegetables and herbs.

The highlight of the week passed was our World Cup on Saturday, that extended into Sunday afternoon due to rain showers. Although the rain was welcomed at the garden, we could have done without it on the fields but, rest assured, it did not dampen the spirits in any way!  Check out some live footage by clicking on the following link  to get in the camp spirit.

Reflecting back on the week passed, I can say with genuine sentiment that we are having a blast here at Camp and as we move into week 2, there is much to look forward to!

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