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Dudley & Kiniya

Ahh, The Morning Cannon

• 12 years ago • Dudley Blog

One of my favorite things so far is blowing off the morning cannon for the flag raising. Davo and I meet every morning to discuss the previous day, and review what the upcoming day brings. He readies himself to play the morning Reveille and we greet the usual suspects who come every morning to help us raise the flag, blow a hole in a shirt, and ring the breakfast bell. It is a beautiful time of day, with a new sun and the promise of a fresh start.

We have had a great few days here at camp. The Juniors have been spread throughout the Adirondacks on hikes, canoe trips and even a rock climbing trip. It will be great to have them back on campus, to hear their stories and to watch them eat their first meal back in Beckman. The cubs had their first extravaganza last night, our cabin over nights have begun and the seniors began their over night experiences.

It is hard to believe that we have already finished a full week, and our second Wednesday Night Show is tonight. What a great start to the 126th season!

The Cannon and Flag Raising

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