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Dudley & Kiniya

Opening Day Was a Blast!

• 12 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog

We had perfect weather for opening day in Westport! It was a pleasure to meet and greet so many smiling faces, all ready to get into the mix! One of the highlights was meeting new parents who had never been to our campus before. They continue to be amazed by all that we have here in Westport, and how fine the campus looked. Thanks to new facilities manager Steve Denton and the team who worked overtime to get it right!

By dinner time on Tuesday night, we had 95% of our campers in Beckman Hall for pizza dinner. Opening night featured majors fairs, capture the flag, Plebe initiation and even some bolos!

One other highlight for me was seeing #12877 Pete Gibson or “Gibber” who was my AL when I was a Cub. He was here to drop off his son Alex and I hadn’t seen him since 1985. Welcome back, Gibber, it was great to see you.

Opening Day 2010 Yoha!

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