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A Message From Chairman of the Board, Dwight Poler

• 13 years ago • Announcements

February 5, 2010

Dear Dudley Family,

The past ten years have been an exciting time of growth in the history of Camp Dudley. Andy Bisselle #12141 took over the reins as Camp’s Director in Westport in 2000 and, with his wife Fran, brought renewed energy and vision to Camp. Soon after, with the careful thought and planning of the Board, Andy implemented Dudley’s broadened mission to provide a Dudley experience for girls, with spectacular success. At that point, he assumed the new and additional role of Executive Director, in which capacity he attended to and coordinated both camps, while day to day remaining the Director of the boys’ camp. More recently, Andy oversaw the successful Dudley Family Campaign, which raised twelve million dollars and gave us much to celebrate on Dudley’s 125th birthday. It has been a busy and productive decade for Andy and his family on both sides of Lake Champlain.

However, respecting the importance of time with his family now living in Manchester, VT, and the level of commitment required of a Director in Westport, Andy has asked the Board to seek a successor for his role as the Director of the boys camp in the summer of 2010. As the scope and requirements of overseeing and coordinating the combined camp operations have increased substantially over the decade, the Board has asked Andy if he would continue in the Executive Director role for at least another year. Andy has happily agreed to continue serving in that role such that the Board can ensure both continuity and the best approach to long-term oversight of the two camps.

The Board of Managers has responded by forming a search committee, to be led by Rollie Stichweh, which will be actively soliciting applicants in a nationwide search for Andy’s replacement. The search committee members listed below represent several decades of Dudleyites, dedicated to selecting the best candidate to guide Dudley for boys in the years ahead. We are confident we will see strong interest from highly qualified individuals who wish to join the honored ranks of Dudley directors.

In the coming months, Andy will work in Westport with Davo, who continues in his Leadership Development and Alumni Outreach role, and in Colchester with Marnie, to ensure a seamless evolution of the organization for the coming summers. Andy and Davo are putting the finishing touches on the Westport summer staff for 2010, where campers and parents can expect to see familiar and seasoned Dudley faces, just as they will in Colchester. Andy, Marnie, the Board and all the staff are energized and deeply committed to another successful Dudley transition in Westport.

If you wish to be considered, or to nominate someone, for the Westport Director’s position, please get in touch with the search committee by contacting Rich Maxwell by email at: Rich@MaxwellCoaching.com; by mail at 1012 Embassy Row Way, Seabrook Island, SC 29455; or by phone at 843-768-2227. Instructions for submitting an application as well as detailed information about the role and search will be forwarded to you at that time. All communications will be held in confidence. The search schedule is firmly in place and we anticipate an efficient, thorough, and successful search, just as was conducted ten years ago.

The Board of Managers will keep the Dudley family fully informed of our progress, and expect to share with you the results of the search in May. With you, we confidently look forward to another successful Dudley summer in 2010 and beyond.


Dwight Poler #11889, Chairman
Camp Dudley Board of Managers

  • Chair: C. Roland Stichweh (Stich) #9061
    Former leader, director, board member, and board chairman, Stich has been providing leadership to Camp Dudley for over four decades. In addition to his extensive knowledge of the Dudley family and the Dudley institution, Stich’s organizational skills and business efficiency are legendary. Stich brings the perspective of the transition he experienced from Bob Marshall and his transition to Willie. Stich also led the search team that made the successful transition from Wheaton’s directorship to Andy.
  • Vice-Chair: Rich Maxwell #9701
    Camper, leader, CDA president and recent board member, Rich has extensive knowledge of the Dudley family. As chair of the board development committee, Rich masterfully solicited and prepared potential board members for presentation to the entire board. He also developed the strategic planning structure which has guided the board and the staff during the fundamental changes that occurred with the broadening of the Dudley mission. When not working on behalf of Dudley, Rich continues his work as a management consultant in leadership development.
  • Paul Grinwis (Grinny) #7532
    Still visible on the grass, in the bus, and officiating games, Dudley’s former business manager continues to serve Dudley today. Grinny has the perspective and knowledge of having been intimately involved in the running of camp for years. His continued involvement in the daily operations of Dudley summers has kept him in touch with the current needs of camp. He is an independent and devoted Dudleyite.
  • Chris Perry #12764
    Camper, leader, CDA president, and now current board member and Dudley parent, Chris remains deeply involved in Dudley. His continuous involvement with Dudley and work with CDA and 125th Anniversary celebration give Chris an extensive knowledge of the Dudley family. The Kent School and Williams College have also been the beneficiaries of Chris’s generosity of time and talents.
  • Christy Coyne #14255
    The daughter of a Dudley man with no sons, Christy followed her sisters onto the Dudley staff. She too fell in love with camp and then with Dudley leader Fanning Hearon who would become her husband. They have maintained their connection with the Adirondacks through their summer home in Elizabethtown where they spend time with their two sons, one of whom is already active on the Dudley fields. Christy has just completed a five year term on the board where her hard work on developing the program transition at Kiniya and focus on scholarship issues was greatly respected.
  • Kevin McCormick #11871
    Camper and leader during the early Schmidt years, Kevin’s involvement with camp resumed when the first of his five children enrolled at Dudley ten years ago. Since then he has watched three sons and two daughters progress through the Dudley programs. He has served a week as camp doctor for the past seven summers and has been a board member for the past five years.

Please send all correspondences through Rich Maxwell at:
Email: rich@maxwellcoaching.com
Phone: 843-768-2227
Mail: 1012 Embassy Row Way, Seabrook Island, SC 29455

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